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Alaska Brown Bear Hunting
grizzly bear hunting guides in alaska bucking horse ranch
grizzly bear hunting guides in alaska bucking horse ranch
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dall sheep hunting guides in alaska bucking horse ranch
Alaska Brown Bear hunting

Robert P. Hardy offers outdoor recreation services within south-central Alaska, deep in the heart of the Chugach Mountains and the Talkeetna Mountains. The center of this vast region - which encompasses nearly 25,000 square miles of remote wilderness - is approximately 150 miles north of Anchorage, Alaska. The area is teeming with wildlife. The terrain is very mountainous and it is laced with immense glaciers, remote valleys, alpine lakes and expansive boreal forest.

The region is home for grizzly bear, brown bear, Dall sheep, moose, caribou, mountain goat, black bear, wolf, wolverine, as well as home for an assortment of small mammal and bird life. The rivers, stream and lakes within this vast wilderness are teeming with fish: salmon, char, whitefish, grayling and trout.

Robert Hardy has created a small Alaskan outfitting and wilderness-guide business which provides personalized service and attention to detail. His Alaskan wilderness vacation packages are built around an adventure theme. Each reservation is individually tailored for the novice, or the experienced backcountry traveler. A commitment to honesty and integrity is reflected in Robert's business practice. He is an experienced wilderness guide and he conducts services in a professional, ethical, fair-chase Alaska hunting manner; respectful of the wilderness and its wildlife.

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Alaska Grizzly Bear hunting, Alaska Grizzly bear hunt

Alaska 2019 Spring Grizzly Bear Hunt

69 years young and never been camping due to working all my life. I wanted an Alaskan Wilderness Experience and I got one. Met Aaron Barsamian Robert Hardy's licensed assistant guide and Rob at the Valley Hotel in Palmer, AK. I was assigned Aaron because I changed from a 2018 Fall hunt too cold and dark for me to a June 2019 Spring hunt, the twenties at night and eighties during the day and light 24-7. Aaron and I drove to Sheep Mountain where Meekins Air Services is located and met the owner of Blue Ice Aviation who flew us to our camp in a Cessna185, 4 seats with one removed for our gear, which allowed for one flight in from a unique downhill airstrip. Saw dall sheep on the way to camp. Landed about one-half mile from camp, beautiful location flanked by a glacier to the south, a large lake to the north and beautiful snow-capped mountains to the east and west even had cell phone service! Aaron had North Face Mountain tents set up in about 15 minutes each. The camp was set up at the base of a hill where we hiked to the top to glass, mostly morning and evenings. Saw a combination of Moose, Black Bear each day and grizzly Bear 4 out of 5 days, 7 total. We had one unsuccessful stalk where the bear did not come out where we anticipated.

Grizzly bear hunting Alaska Alaska Grizzly bear hunting, Alaska Grizzly bear hunting outfitter

On the fifth day, Aaron saw two bears at about 3,000 yards. These were seen at about nine-thirty in the morning. All the others were seen in the evening. Both bears came off the mountain into a wooded section about 2,000 yards from our location, when they turned to come back Aaron said let's go. We stalked to within 200 yards where I set up my tripod with double gun anchors and waited. Aaron said let the first one go. It was a beautiful white sow but only about 300 pounds. When the second bear came out I shot, bear rolled, got back up, Aaron said shoot it again, I did, bear spun around, got back up, started walking away, shot again, as bear got to edge of woods he turned and waved goodbye. I shot him in the right paw. lol. To make the story short I shot four times, two in the chest heart area, one in the left hip and one paw shot? Now we had one wounded bear and one not wounded bear and I was out of ammo. Lost two extra shells when I packed that morning. Walked back to camp, emptied backpacks got more shells. We waited a few hours then went back to find the bear had only gone about 30 yards and expired. He was a male, about a 6-foot nice tan coat of hair with dark brown legs. Aaron had him skinned out in about an hour. I packed out the skull and Aaron the hide. I will turn the hide into a $2,000.00 rug about one fourth the cost of a full-body mount. Will look good in my log home.

Aaron is a true professional in every respect and hunts many North American Game as well as other countries to his credit with both bow and gun. I enjoyed all 6 days and 5 nights in the field with Aaron and you will too. Since I did not buy a black bear tag $ 3,500.00 because you have to pack the meat out, my hunt was over. Aaron called in Mike of Meekins Air Services who had us out in no time, taking the scenic route over snow-covered mountains, lakes, and glaciers. It was a Wonderful Alaskan Wilderness Experience that I will relive over and over. Take lots of pictures!

Walter S. Stalnaker Weston , WVa. June 2019 Hunt .

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I hunted with Rob and his staff in the spring of 2018 for mountain grizzly. Rob provided an excellent hunting area and a comfortable camp. Rob is a great guy to spend a hunting trip with. After a day it was like hunting with a buddy from home. Rob is also very knowledgeable about Alaskan wildlife, mountain ranges and ecosystems which provides for an interesting and informative hunt.

We saw grizzly bears every day of the hunt along with many other animals, including black bear, moose and a lynx. We even watched, over the course of several days, a sow grizzly trying to leave her cubs so she could breed again. Talk about a front row seat to mother natures theatre! After a couple of unsuccessful stalks due to wind conditions we finally made a great stalk on this mountain grizzly and harvested him at 170 yards. The bear scored 25 15/16", what a trophy!

Rob and his staff are true professionals that not only provided a great and memorable hunt, but are just great guys to spend time in the outdoors with. If a great hunt and a wilderness experience is what you are looking for, I would highly recommend Rob Hardy!

Alaska Grizzly bear hunting, Spring, Fall Grizzly bear hunt Alaska

Bill Niehoff's
Spring Mountain Grizzly;
B&C Score 26+ Inches

Alaska HuntingTestimonials  


interior mountain grizzly bear hunting Alaska

October 2016, 8-Foot Male Boone & Crockedtt
Interior Mountain Grizzly


Robert is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced outfitter I've ever hunted with. He is very professional and a great person to hunt with. We got this beautiful sow on the second day of the hunt. Almost completely blond with white claws. It squared 6'2". A hunt of a lifetime for my self. If I was ever to go back it would definitely be with him as my guide without a doubt.

On the second day of the hunt Rob spotted three Bear's, the last Bear he spotted was heading toward our camp so we decided to come off the side of the mountain and get set up and try to intercept the Bear, Rob was right on the money figuring where the Bear may come out , it ended up being 180 to a 200 yard shot and the rest was history, a man of experience without a doubt, can't say enough, only thanks so much Rob.

Thanks Chris Gillespie (Spring hunt)


Grizzly bear hunting Alaska


I was totally satisfied and happy with my guided Alaskan Grizzly hunt with Rob Hardy. It was a real Alaskan adventure and he was a great guy to spend ten days in the wilderness with.

This was my third guided big game hunt and the first one that I count as a really guided hunt. I was in Idaho in 2013 and Montana in 2014 hunting elk and now, from June 10 through June 19, 2015, I was hunting interior grizzly bears with Rob Hardy in the Talkeenta Mountains. This was truly an Alaskan experience.

Rob is a real professional but that is not surprising since he has been doing this for forty years. This was a ten day hunt (you lose the first day and last day when you fly in and out by Super Cub). We flew in from Sheep Mountain and went about forty miles into the interior of the Talkeenta mountain range where we camped near a running creek for ten nights. Rob has his own menu for camp food that he developed over years and it was surprisingly satisfying. It was a one on one hunt and I would not have any other way because it gave me his full attention for learning. We saw caribou, Dall sheep, moose, golden eagles and Ptarmigan daily while glassing for grizzly bear.

On Thursday night while in camp (the last day of my hunt) at about 9:00 p.m. Rob spotted a cow moose and her baby running on the hill parallel to us and being chased by a Grizzly.

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Alaska Grizzly bear hunt



Here are a few pics of the nice grizzly I took. He squared 7'4" and had a skull of 23 5/16". In regards to Rob, I can honestly say I'd never consider hunting Alaska with anyone else. He was the definition of a professional and just one hell of a great guy. It's not if I'll hunt with Rob again, it's when!

Gregg Mashack


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Alaska Grizzly bea hunting, Alaska Sheep hunting


Spring Hunts:

Coastal Alaskan Brown Bear -- $17,750.00 (One-On-One) **Black Bear & Wolf Included

Interior Mountain Grizzly -- $12,750.00 (One-On-One) or $8,750.00 (Two-On-One)
**Black Bear Available On Fee

Wilderness Alaska Trophy Black Bear -- $6,750.00 (One-On-One) or $4,750.00 (Two-On-One)
**Alaskan Coyote Included

Fall Hunts:

Dall Sheep -- $18,750.00 (One-On-One) or $14,750.00 (Two-On-One)
*Black Bear & Wolf Included **Interior Mountain Grizzly and/or Bull Caribou On Fee

Alaska/Yukon Moose -- $18,750.00 (One-On-One) or $14,750.00 (Two-On-One)
*Black Bear & Wolf Included **Interior Mountain Grizzly, Dall Sheep, Bull Caribou, Mountain Goat On Fee

Coastal Alaskan Brown Bear -- $19,750.00 (One-On-One)
*Black Bear, Wolf & Wolverine Included

Interior Mountain Grizzly -- $14,750.00 (One-On-One) or $10,750.00 (Two-On-One)
*Black Bear & Wolf Included **
Trophy Mountain Goat On Fee

Trophy Mountain Goat -- $12,750.00 (One-On-One) or $10,750.00 (Two-On-One)
*Black Bear & Wolf Included

Wilderness Alaska Trophy Black Bear -- $7,750.00 (One-On-One) or $5,750.00 (Two-On-One)
*Black Bear, Wolf, Wolverine & Coyote Included

Alaska Hunts Are All-Inclusive From Palmer, Alaska
Includes Air Charter To/From The Field All Hunts Personally Guided By The Outfitter



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