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I was totally satisfied and happy with my guided Alaskan Grizzly hunt with Rob Hardy. It was a real Alaskan adventure and he was a great guy to spend ten days in the wilderness with.

This was my third guided big game hunt and the first one that I count as a really guided hunt. I was in Idaho in 2013 and Montana in 2014 hunting elk and now, from June 10 through June 19, 2015, I was hunting interior grizzly bears with Rob Hardy in the Talkeenta Mountains. This was truly an Alaskan experience.

Rob is a real professional but that is not surprising since he has been doing this for forty years. This was a ten day hunt (you lose the first day and last day when you fly in and out by Super Cub). We flew in from Sheep Mountain and went about forty miles into the interior of the Talkeenta mountain range where we camped near a running creek for ten nights. Rob has his own menu for camp food that he developed over years and it was surprisingly satisfying. It was a one on one hunt and I would not have any other way because it gave me his full attention for learning. We saw caribou, Dall sheep, moose, golden eagles and Ptarmigan daily while glassing for grizzly bear.

Alaska Grizzly bear hunting

  On Thursday night while in camp (the last day of my hunt) at about 9:00 p.m. Rob spotted a cow moose and her baby running on the hill parallel to us and being chased by a Grizzly. The moose saw our camp ran directly toward us. The bear was just seconds from getting the baby moose when I yelled at the bear. The bear (a sow) stopped and stood up about 180 feet from me and when she saw spotted me she abandoned her chase and took off back in the direction from which she came. I guess I am lucky the bear did not charge me when I yelled at her. I took two shots from the offhand standing position and missed her. For my third shot, I sat down and took it from the sitting position at 425 yards while she was running fool bore to get away. She tumbled when my 375 H&H magnum round hit but then she just got back up and kept going. These big grizzly bears are tough killing machines and built like tanks.

The bear ran up the hill to a thick willow patch and sat in a gully surrounded by willows looking at us from about 325 yards away. My final shot (8 total) was to her head near her right eye. She went down but we did not know where or if the bullet hit her, if she was dead or still wounded and just hiding so she could ambush us. We had to go in to get her and make sure the job was done.


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I was out of ammunition so Rob gave me the three rounds that he had headed back to our camp (which is now about 450 yards back) to get more ammunition and his pack. When he returned, I hiked back to camp to get my gear. Rob now laid out the plan. We now would hike up the mountain above where the bear was hiding and come back down to finish the job. We found her dead. My last shot got her in the head by her right eye.

I hit her five times, missed her twice when she was running and once when she was hiding in the willow bushes/trees. That is when I dialed down the elevation on my scope and got her in the head by her right eye with my last shot. It was about 10:00 p.m. now and Rob still had to harvest the hide. This took him another 2 ¾ hours of none stop work. He then rapped the skull and hide in plastic bags and stuffed them into his pack and we hiked back to camp. Rob's pack weighed something over 120 pounds now plus he had his rifle to carry. I offered to carry his rifle but he declined. He said: "he would feel out of balance." It was about 1:30 a.m. when our adventure ended.

I am attaching a few pictures plus one of a cow and her babies so you can get a picture of what we saved. It made me feel real good to save the baby. Rob's preliminary measurements were 23 for the skull and a height of 7.7 feet. He estimated that the bear was 20 years old by examining her teeth.

Rob Hardy is a great guide and I am planning to go moose hunting with him in September 2017.


Richard McGuire

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